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Online Divorce

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Welcome to this section of our website. All our DIY documents are available in Word and PDF format which means that you can complete them online and then save to your computer and print. Our step-by-step how-to guides for each set out all of the background law and information that you will need to be able to complete your documents with confidence. If you do find yourself needing the assistance of a divorce solicitor we can refer you to one of the divorce law firms that are on our panel of advisers.

Sometimes a marriage simply cannot be saved, no matter how hard either of you has tried. The dissolution of marriage is an emotionally draining process. We are here to help you, and this website has up-to-date legal documents for an in-expensive divorce in England, Wales and Scotland, that you are in control of. The forms will be slightly different depending on which of the aforementioned countries you reside, but we are here to explain and make the divorce process as simple, quick, and pain-free as possible for the both of you.

Online DIY Divorce

The best place to start is at the very beginning. We recommend that the first thing you do downloads the document for a formal separation. This document helps you both set out financial decisions you have made between you. You could both decide to add clauses about any jointly owned property, whether there will be a lump-sum payment or if they will be made periodically, or whether child support will be a factor.

Sometimes a divorce becomes very complex and if this is the case for you, you should seek the advice of a solicitor, as the documents we provide on this website are for a simple, clear-cut divorce. If your divorce is likely to become heavily contested then a do it yourself divorce is not really appropriate for you and we would recommend that you consult a solicitor to assist you in the legal aspects of the divorce.

Before you can get a divorce in the UK, you must be able to show certain types of behaviour. The grounds for a divorce to be granted in England and Wales are:

  • Adultery;
  • Abandonment;
  • Irrational behaviour;
  • Two years separation with each party in agreement for the divorce; and
  • Five years of separation.

In addition to one of the above grounds applying, you each need to have arranged and resolved all financial, property and child-related issues. If any of these aspects are disputed then again a DIY divorce is not suitable for you and you really should speak to a solicitor.

At least one of you must live in England, Wales or Scotland, and a simple, in-expensive DIY divorce is possible provided you both want a divorce.

Documents For Divorce

If you have resolved the issues above, you may proceed with a simple divorce, and the documents and forms you may need can be bought from this website. Along with your purchase of the forms, you will receive a guide on how to progress your divorce and shall receive the following documents:

  • 1. D8
  • 2. D8A
  • 3. D36
  • 4. EX 160A
  • 5. EX 160

These documents provide all that you need to file with the court during your divorce. If you follow the links above next to the document name you can view our guide to each of the documents. Our guide explains the background and purpose of each document within the divorce process, as well as guiding you through the completion of each document.