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Change of Name Deed

The law in the UK states that you can change any part of your name or your entire name without getting anyone’s permission. However, this is only true if you aren’t doing so for fraudulent purposes. You will want to use the form we have here though so that you have proof of the name change. We have an easy to use a change of name deed template that allows you to show that your name has been changed. This will be important because you will need some evidence of the name change for any legal documents you may sign after you change your name.

A deed poll is an official process in which you change your name for whatever reason. Divorce is one reason that someone may wish to change their name. The spouse that changed her name when she married may wish to go back to her maiden name. By filling out the template you can accomplish the change of names with very little fuss. We have made it quite easy for you to purchase and download the change of name deed so you can keep it as evidence that you have changed your name.

This change of name deed can only be used by persons aged 18 or older. However, if a parent wishes to change the name of his or her children after a divorce they could use this change of name deed to do it. As a minor, only a person or persons with parental authority may complete the template and change the name.

After you have completed the change of name deed document it should be enrolled or registered with the Central Office of the Supreme Court. This is so that a public record of the change of name for a person is done. The change of name deed becomes the formal or recognised way to change a name in the UK. Once this document has been recorded the change of name will appear in the London Gazette. Although this is the way most people do it when a name change is desired, it should be noted that registering the deed isn’t required.

Registering the change of name deed will add to the cost so you may just wish to have the document on file at your home as proof that you have changed your name. You can find a template for both types of change of name deed, one for registering the document and another that doesn’t need to be recorded. This template only works for permanent residents in the UK.

There will be a guide book that explains everything you have to do in clear concise language. As always you can buy with confidence from our web site as we always have the best prices and easy to do it yourself documents. You can also use the change of name document to show the DVLA or Passport Office that you have changed your name. When you purchase your change of name document you will be able to get started straight away as you can download immediately.