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Separation Agreement

This easy do it yourself document template is for use by couples that have agreed to a legal separation or a co habituating couple that also need a separation agreement. As always our templates are fully customisable so they ensure that you can put into writing the exact terms of the separation. We have a solicitor that is familiar with the laws in the UK draft the separation agreement template so that you can have peace of mind that the document is legal as well as reliable.

There are provisions in our do it yourself separation agreement template for all types of assets, debts that have been incurred and custody of children. We always offer a one hundred per cent money back return policy if you are not satisfied with the template. This document will record for everyone involved the terms that have been agreed upon by a couple wishing to separate.

Key issues in a separation agreement should be arrangements for the children, how the home should be addressed and any financial settlements that have been agreed upon. Since this will be a legally binding agreement you can be sure that our solicitor drafted separation agreement is correct in the UK. By using a do it yourself separation agreement you will be spending less money than if you had to hire a High Street solicitor.

The template document should include the name and address of the husband and wife or co habituating partners. It should also include the names of any children that will be affected by the separation. The date of the marriage, the date of separation and the date of birth for each child will also be included in our do it yourself separation agreement.

Normally the children will reside with one parent and have visitation rights with the other parent. This needs to be quite detailed and with our do it yourself separation agreement you will have the availability to do this. You need to put into writing in the template document any financial agreements regarding child maintenance payments, if there will be any increases in this payment and who is responsible for their medical bills or other activities.

If there is a home involved it should be put in the separation agreement. It needs to state whether the home is to be sold or have a title transferred to one of the parties. If there is a financial settlement and or maintenance payments being made to a spouse this would be put into the separation agreement, too.

Make sure that full disclosure has been made by both parties and that the separation agreement is full of all the information that is necessary because once it is signed by both parties it will be legally binding.

If there are any household goods, artwork or other items from the marriage they need to be divided amongst the parties and entered into the do it yourself separation agreement document. This document is easy to use and understand so that you can draw up the separation agreement without any extra costs.