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Pre Nuptial Agreement

Before marriage, it has become more popular to sign a pre nuptial agreement. This document is between a bride and groom to be that puts in writing what would happen to their assets if the marriage ends in divorce. It has been said that entering into a pre nuptial agreement seems to say that their commitment to the marriage is already in question. However, since divorce is a part of life it seems only wise to protect one’s assets especially if one of the parties has substantial wealth.

This web site offers a do it yourself pre nuptial agreement that has been drafted by a solicitor. You can be assured that the language of the pre nuptial agreement will be written in easy to understand text. Not only will it be easy to read it will also be easy to complete.

Another reason to initiate a pre nuptial agreement is if there is property involved that has been in the family of the bride to be or groom to be. It would be very sad to lose family homes or property in a divorce settlement if it can be avoided with a pre nuptial agreement. When you use the do it yourself pre nuptial agreement that has been properly drafted by a UK solicitor it can really help with a fair UK court-imposed settlement.

If one of the parties has been married before they could be a little shy about having an unfair settlement should they divorce again? By having a pre nuptial agreement there is hope that there won’t be any unfair distribution of assets. If either party were involved in another divorce it could cause a financial loss that would be more than their personal wealth could handle.

Should there be children from a prior marriage you will want to protect them from any financial disasters if the second marriage doesn’t work out. This is especially true for the party that is responsible for their well being. When the financial obligations are put into the pre nuptial agreement template the laws of the UK should allow some latitude of protection to your children or other dependents.

In the event that one of the parties has money or property overseas because they aren’t a resident of the UK, it could be included in a divorce settlement. As long as you make your residence in the UK these things could be involved and split on a 50-50 basis. Taking the opportunity to enter into a pre nuptial agreement from our web site will let your wishes be known in the UK courts.

Although these are some of the reasons you might want a pre nuptial agreement everyone’s situation is different. The only way to protect you though is to have a pre nuptial agreement. We have made purchasing the pre nuptial agreement easy. Once you have purchased the document you just need to download it on to your computer. You will be able to customise it for your express needs before both of you sign it.