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Welcome to the Wills section of our website. This part of our site has all the template Will documents and guides that you will need to put in place a Will for you or for you and your partner. Our easy to use document generation tool means that you can complete your Will just by answering a selection of key questions. Our smart Will generator will then create your Will. You can edit the final document if you wish. Alternatively, you can download our online Will templates and complete them at a later stage. All of our documents are available for download in both Word and PDF format.

Mirror Wills Living Will

Single Will

Revocation of Living Will


Making a Will

If you do not have a will at the time of your death, any person whom you wish to leave any of your possessions or money will not know of your wishes and may lose out. If you die without having written your last will and testament then you are considered to have died Intestate. Great confusion is caused when a person does not leave a will as your wishes have to be guessed at and many people fall out over what they feel they are entitled to. If you were to die without a Will all of your possessions will be distributed in accordance with the rules on Intestacy. You can read our guide to Intestacy here.

Wills are typically used to split up your items after your death. The will operates as a checklist of who gets what, and who looks after whom.

How to Write a Will

Making a will doesn’t need to be complicated. The hardest part may be in deciding who you wish to provide for in your Will. Completing the will online is very easy. Our DIY wills are designed to be fast and easy to complete. They have been prepared by solicitors who have worked with us to produce our Will drafting tool. This website provides you with a downloadable legal will that you can adapt to suit your needs. A high-street solicitor can charge a small fortune for a simple document such as a will but make it affordable so you do not have the strain of trying to provide for your family’s future when you are no longer by their side.

Types of Wills

There are several different types of wills available from us to help you get exactly what you need.

  • 1. Last Will and Testament (Short Version) – general will that is sufficient to split items between family and friends.
  • 2. Last Will and Testament (Long Version) – general will that is as above but more detailed with instructions or obligations to be placed on family and friends.
  • 3. Codicil – an additional page added to your will should have forgotten to put something in your will or you have simply changed your mind over something you have in you will.
  • 4. Power of Attorney – someone can act on your behalf
  • 5. Reversal of Power of Attorney
  • 6. Estate Plan for Single Person
  • 7. Estate Plan for Married Person

These documents deal with all your legal needs to sort out your affairs after you die. Some wills differ if you are single or married. If you are married, you should use the Estate Plan for Married Person form even if you do not wish to leave any of your estate to your spouse. This form also enables you to state that there is another beneficiary should you and your spouse die at the same time.