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If you just have a few minor changes that need to be made to an existing Will you could use our Codicil template instead of drafting a completely new Will. This option allows you to save time and money if you already have drafted your Will. No more expensive trips to a High Street solicitor are needed when you use our downloadable templates. Our templates have been drafted by a qualified solicitor.

They have been written in plain English free from legal jargon. Another benefit of using our Codicil template is that you can fully customise it for your needs. Since it is loaded onto your computer screen you can customise it, save it and then print it in a short period of time. You only pay once for the template and you can use it as many times as you want.

Making sure that you have a Will in the first place will allow yourself and your family to sleep peacefully at night. Knowing that if something happens to you or your spouse they will be taken care of and not have to make any decisions at a time when emotions are in distress is one of the best reasons to initiate a Will. However, if you don’t keep your Will up to date it will not provide much comfort. That is why using a Codicil to add a supplementary page to your Will for small changes is such an easy and good idea.

A Codicil is basically a supplement to your existing Will, sort of like adding a page or two. It will be just as legally binding as your Will so add the changes to the Codicil after giving it some thought. You will put the date that you signed the Codicil so there can be no confusion about what your current wishes are. If you want to change the executor of your estate the Codicil would be the place where you can achieve this. There would be no need to draft an entirely new Will for this.

Once you have drafted and printed your Codicil you will need to have it signed and as you did with your Will to make it legally valid and enforceable. Once this has been accomplished it will become part of the Will. Adding a Codicil is the most cost-effective way of managing your affairs. You do not have to pay a solicitor to draw up the Codicil if you use our online template.

There are a couple of formats to use in downloading the template so you can choose the one that works best on your computer. Before going ahead with your Codicil, you must bear in mind that a Codicil works for small changes only and if you start to draft too many it would be better to draw up a whole new Will to ensure its legal validity.