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Trademark Assignment | Trademark Licence

Trademarks are the item by which your business is recognised. The trademark automatically will bring to mind your firm whether it is a symbol, logo, word or phrase. Applying for a trademark can be achieved by using the trademark templates available on our web site pages. With the trademark templates you will be able to issue your trademark applications. Once you have come up with the perfect trademark for your company or its product it must be registered. The trademark must be very unique and distinctive. The trademark must also be renewed every ten years.

Many people may not realise it, but a trademark is a form of intellectual property. So when you are applying for a trademark it is done through the Intellectual Property Office or IPO.

A trademark isn’t used to describe the product or service. That is why it has to be distinctive to your brand. Many rules govern the issuing of a trademark. This web site offers trademark documents and a video guide with how to instructions. If you have any questions as to the trademark you want to register there is an online service provided at no cost to contact a solicitor for advice.

Remember, you will only have the exclusive rights to a trademark if it is registered and it is only good for ten years. At this time it must be renewed in order for you to keep on using it.

If you haven’t registered your trademark you could be allowing someone else to use the name and reputation you have so diligently built up. You won’t be able to take any legal action against someone for using your trademark if it isn’t registered. Once you have your trademark documents registered and legalised you can sell the trademark or license it to others of your choosing.

Take care to register your trademark in every country that you expect to use it. If you only register the trademark in the UK it will only be good in the UK. It is also best if the owner of the company is the one to register the trademark. That way if anyone should try to dispute the trademark, it is easier to prove who it belongs to.

Using the online method of a trademark application is easy and saves time. By downloading the application you can begin to fill it out immediately. Payment is easy at this web site as many forms are accepted.

When you are filling out the application be ready to supply an illustration of the trademark. There are several ways to do this. It can be a picture, word, logo or a combination of these methods. After the application has been sent there are no changes, so be sure that your trademark is perfect. If you are not using quotation marks, underlining the trademark or any other distinguishing marks don’t put any on the application. Businesses have been known to use a colour as a trademark. If you plan to do so specify that the colour is the trademark and make sure everything fits within the box provided. Take the time that is needed to craft your trademark. This can further your business in the UK and beyond, but only if the attention to detail is followed and it is registered.