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Trademark Licence

You may at some time need to have a Trademark Licence template so that you can let a third party use your trademark. We have had the Trademark Licence template drafted by UK solicitors so that it will adhere to the laws and regulations in England and Wales. We offer the template for a low fee of £29.95. It is very easy to use and can be customised for your specific needs. After you have purchased the template you will be able to download it using two different formats. Once you have it on your computer you will be able to reuse the template as you need it. Should anything change with the UK laws you will receive at no additional charge any updates.

Because we know that business happens quickly these days we also offer the Trademark Agreement for your business needs. You can purchase all of the templates in the Trademark section of this web site for one low fee of £99.99 per year. This allows you to have everything you need to carry on your company business.

Your trademark is one of the more valuable assets that your business contains. If your business’ trademark has wonderful recognition it isn’t unreasonable to think that third parties will want to use this trademark to improve their businesses’ bottom line. When you use this Trademark Licence template you can give your permission for the trademark to be licensed or sold.

You would be able to have a third party use the Trademark Licence template for a specified amount of time as well as for a specific purpose. This template allows you to have a very flexible policy where your trademark is concerned. Your trademark has a value all its own so you want to make sure that only third parties that have signed a Trademark Licence document can use it. You can control the way the trademark is used and length of the Trademark Licence Agreement.

A licensee that wants to use your trademark should come to you wanting to sign a Trademark Licence Agreement. If they are reputable they won’t want to take a chance of infringing on your trademark. For this reason alone you should have the Trademark Licence Agreement on hand. This way if you are amiable to the licensee using your trademark you won’t have to delay the transaction.

The Trademark Licence Agreement that you will find for purchase on our web site will have all of the basic concepts in it. The provisions that you can see will include the particulars of the trademark rights to be licensed. This agreement will protect your reputation that you have built up. The trademark can only be used as you have stated in the Trademark Licence Agreement. To use it in a different manner would cause a breach in the legally binding agreement.

You will also find a quality control clause in the Trademark Licence Agreement so that you are protected if they don’t have a quality product or service with your trademark name on it.