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Protect with a Copyright

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Many people find that they are confused between a copyright and a trademark. Knowing the difference and how to protect your original work is something that everyone should be prepared to do. Copyright determines who owns the work and who can publish, copy or distribute a work. Usually, the person that created the original work is the owner and their permission is needed for any reproducing. However, there are some instances where the original creator is not the owner of the copyright.

If an employee works for a company designing or creating something it will become the property of the company they work for. This is because an employer generally has a clause in the person’s contract stating that anything they create becomes part of the company and is owned by them.

Copyright isn’t just limited to books or the written word. It can pertain to many other aspects such as music, images, pictures, art, songs, lyrics, and sound recordings. There may also be other things that can be copyrighted. The guide you will find at this website can help you determine if your work should be copyrighted. Copyright infringement is not uncommon and it may happen more than people think so protecting your original work is important.

A number of copyright templates can be found here for you to download. They are current and have been drafted according to the laws of the UK. These templates will allow you to manage all aspects of a copyright requirement.

If you are a writer of novels, poetry, short stories, magazine articles or other literary works there are copyrights to protect your original work. You can be included in this copyright if you have written a screenplay or play for the stage. The forms for copyright can be produced in several formats so one will be just right for your computer programme. The cost to download the forms and have them registered is very reasonable. You will also be able to complete the documents in your own time so if it can’t be finished in one sitting you can return to finish it. Bundling can save even more money so if you will be registering a lot of work it pays to look into this feature.

Musicians may want to register the whole piece of original work or they could just register the lyrics or musical notations. A whole album of original work can be copyrighted including the album cover. If you have illustrated the cover of the album you will want to protect its ownership. Photographers, artists and textile patterns can also be copyrighted. The format for these types of copyright will come in one that works for your computer, too.

What if you are a filmmaker; your work from start to finish can be put under a copyright. If you have designed the sketches, made a trailer of your movie, produced a short film or even an animation these can be given a copyright. It only takes a little bit of time to complete the documents and get the original work registered. So browse our web pages and select the right templates for you.

Web designers and bloggers are also able to be protected against copyright infringement, so check out the copyright protection available to you. There is no reason to delay this important process. Get the protection you deserve with our copyright documents.