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Copyright License

If you have material that is under your copyright protection but you need to give permission to someone else to use it such as a third party, you would use the Copyright Licence Agreement. A copyright protects your material from being used by anyone else. If you have written a book, manual or other information you will want to be protected from it being used by another. This can be through copying or other methods. Anyone that wants to use your copyrighted material must get your permission and that is what the Copyright Licence is for.

You can purchase the Copyright Licence template and download it to your computer so that you can use it to give your permission for someone to use all or part of your copyrighted material. The Copyright Licence will clearly state who you have given the OK to in using the document.

If someone isn’t sure if there is a copyright on material they need to look for a C with a circle encompassing it. This means that the material is indeed copyrighted. If the material has T with a circle around it, it would be a trademark which is different. When they see the copyright symbol they will know that your material is copyrighted and a Copyright Licence Agreement is needed for permission to use it.

If you have started a business with an idea that you created you will be the one to hold the copyright. However, if you are an employee of a business you most likely will not be the one that holds the copyright. Employees have been hired to create ideas or products for the company that they work for, so in this instance the copyright would be held by the business rather than the individual. For that employee to use any or all of the copyright they would have to get permission. In order to do that they would have to use the Copyright Licence and have the business allow them to use it.

Should you give your permission for another individual to copy some of your work you still need to have the easy to use Copyright Licence Agreement. We have had this document drafted by a solicitor in the UK so that it is legally binding yet easy to understand. This document can be customised if you need to and can be reused many times. After you purchase the document you will have a couple of choices of format to download it in. Then you can fill in the document, giving your permission and still protect your rights.

A person may use the copyrighted material without permission if they give credit to the creator in their article or presentation. This would be one time that a Copyright Licence wouldn’t be necessary.

When you are in business having all the documents you need will be very important. Keeping all of the agreements that you could need on your computer makes sense because they are handy and more cost effective. You can receive all of the business documents you need as well as the Copyright Licence for one low price with a subscription.