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Defining Intellectual Property

Assignment of Intellectual Property |  Intellectual Property License

Do you understand what intellectual property is? If you do know what it is, are you protecting your intellectual property or could it be used without your permission? If you answered no to one or both of these questions this article will help you understand your rights and how to protect them. Intellectual property is the legal property rights that you have regarding a creation. It can be in the form of art, a commercial business or law. The law states that intellectual property rights give exclusive rights to an individual or individuals regarding many different topics.

What exactly does this encompass? Some of the things it could include would be ideas, literary works, music, discoveries, words, inventions, phrases, or symbols. There are several types of intellectual property that would be protected by a copyright, patent, trademark or design rights. Industrial rights and trade rights would also be part of an intellectual property.

The use of intellectual property rights gives the person or persons a monopoly, albeit a temporary one, on ideas or other forms of intellect. There are legal requirements that must be processed for intellectual property. In the documents that are on this web site you will be able to find the right document for your particular situation. An outline will be provided with the different forms that are available.

If this is the first time that you are in need of an intellectual property document you are probably unfamiliar with what is obtainable. Browse through our web pages to see just what is offered. We will show you a list of some of the documents that you can easily download to get started. The first would be a contract checklist, a trademark assignment, permission to use copyrighted material, consultant confidentiality and invention agreement and notice of infringement on copyrighted work. While these are the most commonly used documents there are many more available in our web pages.

Did you know that if you have an employee working for you and they come up with an idea or work that can be covered under a copyright that it could be the sole property of the company? This is only true though if you have the employee sign a document stating that this is part of the working relationship they have with your company. If you haven’t included this clause in the proper document they may have the exclusive rights to the copyrighted work. Now you can see why having the proper legal documentation is so very important.

Getting a copyright compliance document in use will spell out just how a photocopy of your work can be used. Any type of intellectual property that can be copied for use in business or a document can be protected from infringement. It can also be used for these purposes with the proper intellectual documentation. These forms that can be purchased on this web site will protect your rights and that of any agreements signed by more than one party. It is in your best interest to have legal agreements like intellectual property documents to prove your legal rights.