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Intellectual Property Licence

Our intellectual property licence template is suitable for licensing intellectual property from one party to another.

You could find at certain times that you must licence your intellectual property to another person or business. This might happen because you don’t have the capital to produce your intellectual property idea or product. It is also a possibility that the company that you are going to give an Intellectual Property Licence to is going to be involved in the manufacturing of the intellectual property.

We offer an Intellectual Property Licence that has been prepared by a UK solicitor so that you needn’t pay the higher prices of a High Street solicitor. You can buy with confidence because we have made sure that the template is legally binding and easy to use. You will pay just a fraction of the cost at only £29.95 for an up to date easy to use template. If you need more than this intellectual property licence document you can receive all of the documents in this section for the low yearly price of £99.99.

Should you decide to let a business use your intellectual property you will need to use the Intellectual Property Licence to do so. This template states that you are offering them the chance to sell your intellectual property whether it is a product or service for the terms that are in the agreement. Generally this Intellectual Property Licence will let you have royalties paid to you because you are allowing the business to reproduce your intellectual property. There are several intellectual property licence terms that you could use regarding this agreement.

There is the non exclusive licence which gives you control over how the intellectual property will be used. The royalties that are paid generally are less because the other businesses could use the intellectual property. If you use the exclusive agreement you are giving a sole licence to a company to use the intellectual property. You still retain the rights to the intellectual property, but aren’t dependent on the licensee or the royalties.

When you choose to buy the Intellectual Property Licence on this web site you will be able to set up one of the three types of situations discussed in the above paragraph. This agreement will ensure that both parties are protected.

You will find that the template will provide you with a place to include the fees and royalties as well as how they are calculated. Make sure you state what the company can and can’t do with your intellectual property, what the length of the term of use is, if there are any indemnities and what kind of insurance the agreement will require.

If you need to customise this agreement it is easy to do so. Just remember that any changes made to the document can’t affect the laws of England and Wales. These must stay intact where the intellectual property and its use are concerned. If you aren’t the sole owner of the intellectual property all of the owners of it must be contacted before a licence can be granted.

Be sure that you have all the intellectual property templates on hand so that you can conduct your business in a swift and easy manner.