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Commercial and Business Lease Agreements

Commercial Lease Agreement |  Deed of Grant Easement |  Deed of Surrender |  Deed of Variation |  Heads of Terms for a Lease |Lease for a Floor in an Office Block |  Licence to Assign Lease |  Licence to Occupy |  Licence to Sublet |  Option Agreement |  Rent Deposit Deed |  Sale and Land Development Agreement |  Short Term Licence to Occupy |  Sub Letting Agreement |  Sale and Land Development Agreement |  Tenancy at Will

Owning your own business can be a great experience. You have numerous aspects in the business that will require your attention such as hiring the right employees, getting inventory in, finding the property to house your materials and much more. Part of running a business is having the proper documents on hand when you need them. This is where our site will come in. We have several document templates in the commercial property documents section which can help you. All of the documents we supply have been researched and drafted by solicitors to ensure their legality in a court of law. With the many document templates, we offer you can do business without worrying about the paperwork or legal fees.

Commercial property documents tend to vary on what they will do for your business. You have simple documents such as commercial invoices, shipping, transporting, and certification of origin options. A few of the other documents we offer are deed of grant of easement, sub- lease agreement, deed of surrender, deed of variation, heads of terms, lease agreement, licence to assign lease, and licence to occupy. Each of these commercial property documents is most specifically for land use and property rights pertaining to commercial aspects rather than residential. There are also leases for renting an office block, floor, or part of a building, pre-emption agreement, and more.

If you need to rent the property for your business we provide lease agreements that stipulate how long you are renting it for and what you are responsible for in that renting procedure. These documents can be bought with confidence because they have been created by professionals for professionals.

Our legal template documents will protect you in the event there is a problem. They can also work to protect the other party which has signed the agreement. If there is a breach of contract you have a legal stand in which the issue can be proven. A verbal agreement can sometimes be legal, but most often it comes down to which person is more believable.

When you purchase at our site you should know that the document templates completely do it yourself and meant to be changeable. If there is anything within the document that does not pertain to your circumstance you can change it without affecting the legality of the document. However, you should be clear on commercial law before making too many changes. Under the commercial laws of England and Wales, there are certain things you are bound to in a legal document that cannot be changed.

You can save these documents to your hard drive for reuse at a later date. At any time after purchase, you need to use the document you can do so with ease. You can even save multiple copies if you did make changes. This allows you to perform your business as necessary, without worrying about the legal fees involved in getting the documents drafted on your own.

Once both parties have signed the agreement it is legally binding. Certain documents may also need to be filed in municipal offices. You should know what documents those are and which office they need to be filed within order to protect your business. You work hard to set up your commercial business, so make sure it is protected with the right legal documents by taking advantage of the document templates offered here at a reasonable, low cost to you.