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Website Terms and Conditions

When you have a web site you want to make sure that it complies with all the current Ecommerce legislation. We offer you a Website Terms and Conditions template that was drafted by a solicitor that specialises in eCommerce law. Although it has been completed by a solicitor it can still be customised to meet your specific needs. Since the document is able to be edited you will be able to use it on more than one web site. So if you have multiple web sites you only have to pay for the template once for the low price of £7.95. This makes it a very great value for your company. Not only is it a great value it is also very easy to use so you won’t have to waste time at a solicitor’s office.

The Website Terms and Conditions template that we offer is for an internet web site or blog site that does not sell any products or services. This Website Terms and Conditions template can be downloaded and completed in about ten minutes. Nothing could be easier and more cost-effective. If you have a web site that sells a product or services you will want to use the detailed eCommerce website terms and conditions template. This template has specific areas for the selling of services and goods.

This Website Terms and Conditions template details how visitors to your web site are allowed to use the site. It lays out the terms and conditions to the visitor so that they know what they can and can’t do in using the site. It also provides information about the content of your website.

You need to protect your web site whether you are using it for personal reasons or as a business. When you use our Website Terms and Conditions you will have provided the information necessary for the visitor so that they know what the web site is about and how they can use it.

The template that we provide will let you list the important aspects of using your web site. Since it is a template you can customise it by taking out things that don’t pertain to your web site and including other things that do. Making the Website Terms and Conditions is one thing we strive for as you have other aspects of your web site that need your attention.

Generally, the document starts out with a welcoming introduction to the visitor. It will then go on to explain what they are agreeing to when they use your web site and use the information found there. There is a place for your business name to be placed throughout the document if it is needed. You will be able to enter your business registration and place of registration within the template.

There will be bullet points or subheadings to define the terms and conditions of your web site. Since online businesses have UK rules to follow they will be explained to the user so that they know what can happen if they use the web site in a negative manner.