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Website Disclaimer

A Website Disclaimer should be used on blog sites, personal web sites or very simple business web sites. For any other website businesses use the longer Website Terms template. When you use the Website Disclaimer you will be protecting yourself and your web site against any legal liability to visitors of your site. If you are compliant with the eCommerce laws of the UK you can also help your rankings with the search engines. We have had the Website Disclaimer template drafted by a solicitor so that it conforms to the laws, yet it is easy to read and understand. You will be able to customise the template to meet your specific needs. Once you have customised it you can store it as well as manage it online. The completed document can be stored there as well.

Save money by purchasing the Website Disclaimer template from us. The cost for this easy to use template is just £4.95. If you are involved in running a web site you may also need some of the other eCommerce templates we have. We offer a subscription for only £49.95 which includes everything you could need to run your eCommerce business.

You could use the Website Disclaimer for a small website or blog site where you don’t need the lengthy Website Terms and Conditions template. This template will be perfect for those websites that don’t sell products or services and also do not promote any sales by a third party. This document isn’t as thorough as the Website Terms and Conditions so be sure you don’t purchase this document if you need the longer more detailed version.

This Website Disclaimer will put forth the limitations of your liability. It will clearly state the liability extent you have in the use of your web site. The Website Disclaimer can be used in England and Wales.

You wouldn’t want to use this form if you have any interactive web site features. It should be used for web sites that deal only in hyperlinks or Html forms. Your web site should be used as an information only web site to make use of this easy to complete the template.

When you complete this Website Disclaimer you could post in several areas on your web site. Think about putting it in the About Us tab, FAQ tab or Help tab of your web site. This document will give you protection from the misuse of a user and put a limit on the liability your company would be responsible for.

Some of the things that can be listed in the Website Disclaimer would be that you are vigilant about keeping the information current and correct, but there is no guarantee that the information is complete or accurate. It will also include a disclaimer that your web site isn’t to be held responsible for losses or damages that could arise from data. If you find out a mistake has been made on your web site you need to fix the mistake as the Website Disclaimer doesn’t mean you shouldn’t fix it. You will, however, be covered from any issues that may have occurred because of the mistake.