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Trademark Assignment

You may have decided it is time to retire from the business or other reasons may be the cause for wanting to sell your trademark. If this is the case you will need to have a Trademark Assignment document. The template that we sell on this web site will help you achieve the sale of your trademark within the laws of the UK. We have hired UK solicitors to draft the Trademark Assignment template so that it abides by the laws of the UK yet is easy to use and understand. We offer this template for the low price of £19.95 or you can find the Trademark section and subscribe to all the trademark documents for only £99.99 per year. This way you are ready for any trademark needs that you may have.

We have made these templates downloadable so that they can be used over and over again. There are two formats in which you can download the Trademark Assignment Agreement. You can use this template when you are ready to sell your trademark for a specified amount of money. The agreement would stipulate that the party in ownership of the trademark is prepared to sell for a stipulated amount of money. In return, the purchaser of the trademark shall be assured the party selling the trademark has full ownership of the trademark.

It is not necessary to register a trademark in the UK, but it can be registered. The company that holds the trademark is much better off if the trademark has been registered then there can be no question about who owns the trademark. You are protected and can receive any compensation for the trademark if you are the registered owner of it. If someone infringed on your trademark and it wasn’t registered you wouldn’t have a legal case to take them to court. So for this reason alone, you should register your trademark. Should you not get the trademark registered right away you would have a period of six months to do so once another party used it.

Basically, the Trademark Assignment Agreement has the name of the assignor, the full address as well as the proof that the assignee is the registered owner of the trademark they are trying to sell. You will also be able to put the registration number and office where it was registered in the Trademark Assignment Agreement.

Another clause in the document will state that the trademark is owned fully by the assignee. You won’t be able to sell the trademark if there are any charges involved with it.

The assignor shall help the new owner to register it in their name. Another paragraph in the Trademark Assignment Agreement will state that the trademark is valid. The trademark must have been used within the last five years for it to be eligible for sale. If this is not the case then the trademark may have been revoked. If this has happened it cannot be sold. When you choose the Trademark Assignment Agreement on this web site all of this information will be easy to find and a guidebook will help you fill out the agreement.