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Sub-Letting Agreement

If you find yourself in the situation where you need to sub-lease your building, flat or house you will need a sub-lease agreement. Our sub-lease agreement is very easy to use and can be purchased on our web site. We have hired a solicitor to draft our agreement so that you don’t have to pay the prices of a high street solicitor. Although you will find the document is very comprehensive you will also note that it is easy to understand and use. We know that after you purchase and use our sub-lease agreement that you will be satisfied; however, we do offer one hundred percent satisfaction. If you have any problems filling out the template we offer you customer service support free of charge.

A sub-lease or subletting agreement as it is sometimes called will allow you to grant a tenancy to a third party. They would then be known as the sub tenant. The sub-letting agreement would transfer the rights and responsibilities that the original tenant had to adhere to. This means that they would become responsible for the monthly rent and other obligations that were in the original tenancy agreement. Our sub-lease agreement explains the terms of the new subletting in easy to understand terms so that you can fill it out quickly.

Should you find that you need to sub-lease your flat, house or commercial space you will need to get the permission of the landlord. The laws in the UK state that the landlord has the final word on who can let their property. This protects both the landlord and the tenant. The sub-lease agreement that we have on our web site will provide a clause stating that you need to get the landlord’s permission to sub-lease the property. Even when you have a sub-lease agreement you need to know that as the original tenant you are still liable to the landlord for the terms of their lease with the landlord.

This sub-letting agreement will impose the same rights and responsibilities on the new sub tenant; however, if they are unable to meet the responsibilities it will fall to you as the original tenant to fulfil them. So if you are responsible for maintaining the property as well as payment of the monthly rent the sub-lease tenant will be as well. If you have to take over the rights and responsibilities because the sub tenant didn’t you will have the right to make a claim against the sub-tenant for breach of the agreement.

You will find all of this is taken care of in our easy to use sub-lease agreement. You will pay a fraction of the price that you would if you used a high street solicitor. So browse the pages of this web site and find the sub-lease and other property agreements that you might need. All of the documents that we offer on our web site are just as easy to use as the sub-letting agreement. Our solicitors have been very thorough in preparing the template for your use, yet they are very simple to understand. You can have peace of mind knowing that we have only the best up to date templates for sale on this web site.

You will be able to use the sub-letting agreement immediately after you have downloaded it. There will be no waiting period and you can fill it out quickly so that you can carry on with your business. Whether you have to move for business or other reasons you can use our sub-letting agreement to expedite your agreement with the landlord. Once you have the landlord’s permission to sub-lease the property this document will be easy to implement.