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Section 21 Notice

In a tenancy situation, you have several documents you might need to use.

The Section 21 Notice to Quit comes in two different forms. A Section 21(a) Notice to Quit and a Section 21(b) Notice to Quit. Section 21(a) Notice to Quit is to be used with a fixed tenancy in which the end date of the tenancy has not yet passed. Section 21(b) Notice to Quit is used for a periodic tenancy agreement. Depending upon the tenancy agreement you have with your tenant, you will need to provide one or the other of these versions to a tenant when you do not wish to create another tenancy agreement with them. Section 21(b) can also be used when the tenant has been allowed to stay beyond the terms of the agreement in a periodic tenancy situation.

When a landlord or tenant wishes to end the tenancy, important steps must be pursued because there is a strict legal procedure in place. A tenancy agreement has a start and end date, but a tenant can assume that they can create another agreement with the landlord if they do not receive a Section 21 Notice to Quit. Likewise, the landlord may assume the tenant wishes to stay for another term, especially if they have not moved out at the end date.

The Housing Act of 1998 states that a landlord can provide this Section 21 Notice to Quit to any tenant to recover possession of the property. The document needs to provide a reason for the Section 21 Notice to Quit if the end date is not near, for example, the tenant is in arrears for rent. However, if used properly and at the right time, the Section 21 Notice to Quit does not have to state the landlord’s intentions of why they wish the agreement to end at the appropriate end date. A Section 21 Notice to Quit cannot be used for eviction or to end the agreement early.

The basic purpose of the Section 21 Notice to Quit is the clear intention to have no desire to continue with the current agreement or sign a new one, once the tenancy agreement end date is up. All landlords who wish to quit a lease must present the Section 21 Notice to Quit. A failure to do so could become a legal concern in the courts. The document must be written and served by the landlord at the appropriate time. Verbal communication shall be deemed legally invalid.

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