Sale and Land Development Agreement

A Sale and Land Development document is available from this website to help you when you need to purchase a piece of land and develop it. We have hired qualified solicitors so that you can be assured that the template documents that you purchase from us are legal and up to date. There are laws in England and Wales that must be followed regarding the sale and development of land and our solicitors make sure that they are strictly adhered to. We always offer the highest quality template documents so that customers wishing to avoid the expense of hiring a high street solicitor still receive professional protection.

Our web site offers all documents for commercial business needs that someone wishing to handle these affairs by themselves will appreciate. The cost of purchasing a Sale and Land Development template is very reasonable and very easy to use. If you have purchased from us before you know that ease of use is one of our priorities. You can buy with confidence that all of your Sale and Land Development document needs will be met with our template.

You would need the Sale and Land Development template if you wish to buy a piece of land that is undeveloped. You could also use this template document if you are purchasing a building that needs to be developed. Because this document is a deed you will need to have it witnessed when it is signed.

The seller has the right to approve of the developer before the Sale and Land Development document becomes a deed. This document states that both the developer and purchasers obligations to each other will be kept confidential. The developer also has the right to approve the plans that the purchaser wants to use before any work is started.

If any employees are needed to construct the building such as the structural engineer, surveyor, and general contractor and sub contractors or others that might be needed the developer must be the one to hire them. You will find provisions for this information to be entered in the Sale and Land Development template from our web site.

Our Sale and Land Development template has an area where it states that the developer must inform the purchaser on the progress of the building or buildings. Reports should be generated on a regular basis since this will be an ongoing affair. You will find a section in the template that allows for this information to be entered. A developer will be solely responsible for the public authority fees, but there is a place to outline who will pay any VAT taxes.

Liability will be an important part of the Sale and Land Development template and there is a place in our easy to use the template that allows you to state who is liable for what. If at any point there are problems arbitration will be instituted as described in the Sale and Land Development template document. Should you need one a disclaimer has been included in this easy to use the document.

Once you have ordered the template document you will be ready to hammer out the agreements and get the document signed. You don’t have to wait for the document to be delivered to you as it is downloadable right after your purchase. Nothing could be simpler to buy or use, so order yours before you even find the property so you won’t waste any time. You can find all of the legal documents you need for the purchase of property and leasing once the land has been developed, and they are all easy to use.