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Revocation of Power of Attorney

Before discussing what the Revocation of Power of Attorney document template is, it is best to explain what Power of Attorney means. Power of Attorney is part of a common law system in which a person can authorise another to act on their behalf in legal, business, financial, or health matters. A General Power of Attorney is used when a person is out of the country or away from their home for more than three months. Another type of Power of Attorney is less general and takes care of making medical decisions for a person who is no longer competent to make their own decisions.

The Power of Attorney can be granted to an actual solicitor or family member. Anyone of the grantor’s choosing can be an Attorney. Generally, the grantor shall choose an Attorney they know, respect, and trust. This person is typically a close friend or relative. In financial and medical terms one wants to know the Attorney will have their best interests in mind. This is one reason many choose a family member, a close friend or qualified solicitor.

Now that we have looked at Power of Attorney in detail, we can fully examine what it means to revoke the Power of Attorney with the Revocation of Power of Attorney template document. The document as its name applies will remove the powers granted to the Attorney who has been acting under the Power of Attorney. When the revocation document is used, the Attorney must return the power to manage financial and/or health matters back to the grantor. The grantor will then resume life as normal, paying their expenses and dealing with their property and affairs.

A revocation can be used at the end of the person’s extended holiday or a trip out of the country. It can also be used when a person has been declared competent after they were previously considered incompetent by a medical professional, and wish to resume the management of their affairs. In this second example, a person who has been declared incompetent must first be declared competent by a medical professional in a court of law before a revocation can be legally enforceable.

The Revocation of Power of Attorney must be a written document. An oral declaration of revocation will not be legally valid. We offer the Revocation of Power of Attorney document in a template style. This template can be downloaded to your computer and saved. It is a completely DIY document allowing you to make changes when necessary to the contents of the revocation. You may require changes if you added specific powers in the Power of Attorney you assigned. You may also need to make changes if you are taking back only certain powers you have awarded as part of the Power of Attorney.

The Revocation of Power of Attorney document template was created by a qualified solicitor to ensure its legal reliability and protection.