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Revocation of Living Will

If you have previously made out a Living Will you may find at some point that you need to revoke it. However, before you need this type of template from our web site you have to have a Living Will and understand how to use it. A Living Will prevents you from having any life saving measures that you don’t want. For instance, if you didn’t want to be on life support you would set forth this condition in your Living Will. The Living Will comes into play if you are in a coma or unable to communicate with anyone. Our templates for the Living Will and the Revocation of a Living Will are both easy to use and put into effect.

The Revocation of Living Will uses a template that can be fully customised on your home computer. Only qualified practicing solicitors draft our template documents so you can purchase and use our templates with confidence. The Revocation of Living Will can be downloaded in two different formats to suit your appropriate computer software. Our template Wills have been drafted with ease of use in mind.

If when you made your Living Will you stated that you did not want any life support machines to keep you alive you may have changed your mind. The medical field is always making new discoveries. So later on you may decide to take a medication that will prolong your quality of life and it might not have been available when you made your Living Will. This is where a Revocation of Living Will would be used. This template document allows you to change all or part of your Living Will at any time to suit your requirements and personal beliefs.

Throughout your life you may not have decided to become an organ donor, but have since changed your mind. You can use a Revocation of Living Will to specify that you now wish to be an organ donor. Your family won’t have to face this decision should the time occur that you are deceased or you have sustained irreversible brain damage. Once you put this new wish in a Living Will you will be taken care of and your old Living Will shall be declared legally unenforceable.

Using the Revocation of Living Will is just as easy to use as the other templates on our site. Having a written legal document will prevent any problems with carrying out your wishes and shall help relatives and close friends to perform your personal preferences without doubt.

Generally you may find that you do not need to make changes to the template and instead you may just need to fill in the blank spaces in the document. It must be signed in the presence of a witness and to make it legally binding and enforceable. Since you will download this Revocation of Living Will template onto your computer you will have it handy if you decide you want to change your Living Will at anytime.