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Reciprocal Non Disclosure Agreement

If your business needs to enter into an agreement between two parties to disclose private information you will have to have a Reciprocal Non Disclosure Agreement. We have had a UK solicitor draft a two-page document template for you to use just for this purpose. Although a solicitor has prepared the document it will still be in clear and concise English text so that it is easy to use and understand by everyone. We have included the basics of the Reciprocal Non Disclosure Agreement yet leave room in the document for customising it if necessary. Once you have purchased the template you will be able to use it again and again.

You can download the template to your computer using one of the two formats that we have provided. It is also possible to save, make amendments and store your completed template and documents in the virtual control panel that we provide for your use. Should anything change with the UK laws we will provide updates for no additional charge to you. DIY Legal’s strive to provide value for your money so the cost of our Reciprocal Non Disclosure Agreement is just £9.95. If you would need to purchase any other templates pertaining to Non-Disclosure we have a subscription for just £49.99 per year. This way you will never be without the proper Non Disclosure document when you need it.

A Reciprocal Non Disclosure Agreement can also be known as a Two Way Non-Disclosure Agreement. They will do the same thing and protect any information that is exchanged between two parties. You could use this agreement when two businesses need to work together to bring a product to market. Both of the participants would have to provide private information to have this happen, and neither company wants to have their secrets compromised.

Anyone that is in business shouldn’t have any problem signing the Reciprocal Non Disclosure Agreement. Because they could get hurt in the process of bringing a new product to fruition they will want to sign just as you do. Because this Reciprocal Non Disclosure Agreement is short and to the point, it makes it very easy to get all the parties that need to sign it on board.

Our basic agreement includes key points such as your company’s obligations, the other company’s obligations, and any general information that pertains to the agreement. If you are considering a partnership or joint venture with another individual or company, getting the Reciprocal Non Disclosure Agreement signed will be crucial.

After reading the Reciprocal Non Disclosure Agreement there shouldn’t be any questions about what each party is to keep confidential. This agreement also is a powerful tool in case the partnership, joint venture or agreement doesn’t go through. The parties involved will still be held to the same confidentiality agreement so you know your idea or product will still be protected. Purchase your Reciprocal Non Disclosure Agreement today so that you can get it downloaded to your computer before you actually need it. It is very easy to use and legally binding between two parties.