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Privacy Policy Template

If you want your web site to be taken seriously by visitors so that they feel protected you will need a Privacy Policy. When you purchase the Privacy Policy Template from us you can achieve this with very little expense. You will be able to download the Privacy Policy Template to your computer. Once you have done so you can customise it to suit your web site needs. You will be able to amend it if necessary and save it again. This template has been designed for ease of use, but it has also been drafted by a solicitor in the UK so that you know it is done properly.

Should you have more than one web site you can use this Privacy Policy template for these sites as well. The beauty of having this download is that you can keep reusing as many times as you need to. Not only is this Privacy Policy template a good choice for eCommerce web sites it also works for blog web sites or forums and other non ecommerce sites. The price of £4.95 is very affordable and provides value for your money. If you have signed up for a subscription you can have access to all of the documents in our Ecommerce section for the low price of £49.95.

The privacy policy will become a legal document. The idea of the privacy policy is to give your visitors the knowledge of what you do with the information they provide you when they visit your web site. In the privacy policy, you would outline what information is kept and how the web site will process and distribute this information.

When you have to take the time to create the privacy policy it could be very problematic for you. This is why it is a good idea to use our Privacy Policy Template. It states in very clear English what type of privacy you will be guaranteeing your visitors. The solicitor drafted template will work in England and Wales.

Anyone that uses your web site wants to know that they can trust it not to disclose private information. The Privacy Policy Template on our web site will do this and if you have more than one web site it can be customised for each one. You could have more than one privacy policy due to the nature of the different web sites. If this is the case then having our Privacy Policy Template on hand is the best way to handle this situation.

The template will tell the visitor what information you need, why you need certain information, what you will do with the information, and if you are going to give it to third parties that are affiliated with you or if you will just keep it within your own business.

All you need to do to get the Privacy Policy Template to work for you is download it and follow the easy to use instructions. Having everything spelt out for the visitor protects them and you. Take the time to browse our web pages for other eCommerce documents you may need.