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Patent Confidentiality Letter

Do you feel like you have designed or invented the next big thing? If you do and you plan on getting a patent for your design, idea, or invention you should definitely have everyone involved with the project to sign the patent confidentiality letter. You wouldn’t want to take any chances with having your patent application voided if something was disclosed prematurely.

If your idea or invention was leaked or disclosed without your permission you could lose the validity of the patent application. The patent confidentiality letter that we have on our web site was drafted by a UK solicitor in clear terms that are easy to understand and use. You can buy with confidence knowing that the template is cost effective and legally binding.

When you are trying to get help from a third party as an investor or just garner some interest in your idea or product, you need to have it protected. Because you have been the one to nurture the idea into fruition you don’t want someone to disclose any of this information and steal your idea before you can get a patent on it. By having anyone that you may deem necessary to the project sign the patent confidentiality letter, you will not only protect the idea but you will be protecting the entire patent process.

Our patent confidentiality letter has been designed so that everything remains safe during the patent application process. If you need to get specific within the patent confidentiality letter it can easily be customised to fit your exact needs. Because you are able to download this template you will have it to use again and again and change it to your needs as often as you like. We have tried to draft the document so that everything you need is in it so that you won’t have to do much customising, making it even easier for you to use.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that the person or parties you need to divulge information to won’t discuss any of the particulars. Even the best of friends or colleagues may inadvertently disclose something to do with a patent. If that were to happen it could jeopardise your chances of getting your patent validated. So that would mean all your hard work has just been compromised and you could lose out.

The patent confidentiality letter takes care of any worries you may have once you have reached this point. Trying to prosecute someone that violated your trust by disclosing private information will be costly. If you have no documentation such as the patent confidentiality letter to back you up you could wind up losing everything to another. Don’t let this happen to you. Protect your knowledge of the quick and easy way.

Browse the pages of our web site until you find the patent confidentiality letter and download it to your computer. There are two formats to use so one of them will be the right choice for your computer, then fill it in and get it signed. You will be on your way to getting the patent for your idea.