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One Way Non Disclosure Agreement

At some point in your business, you may need to disclose information so that you can continue to grow. If you reach this point you will want to have the One Way Non Disclosure Agreement on hand. You can purchase this agreement at this web site for considerably less than a high street solicitor. By doing this you won’t be compromising the legality of the agreement. We have hired UK solicitors to draft this document so you can buy with confidence. Our two-page template isn’t full of legal jargon that can be difficult to interpret.

If you need to add something in the agreement that is special for your business our template is fully customisable. The One Way Non Disclosure Agreement will be up to date when you receive; however, you will be able to use as many times as you need to. So because of this option, we offer free updates as they become available for no extra charge. We strive to provide value for your money so our One Way Non Disclosure Agreement is only £9.95. If you need other legal documents for non disclosure you can take advantage of our yearly subscription that includes all these documents for only £49.99.

You will want to protect your ideas or products from your business whether you are just getting started or are developing a new product. Ideas are not protected in the UK by any laws, so if you want to make sure no one takes your idea you need to have them sign a One Way Non Disclosure Agreement. Once this agreement is signed your ideas will remain with your company instead of being used by another entity.

This agreement can also be called a confidentiality agreement. Whatever name the document goes by it will protect your new ideas and products all the same. Your new idea may need a partner or manufacturer to bring it to market. So in this instance, you will want to have everyone involved with this process sign a One Way Non Disclosure Agreement. You may also have to inform your employees about this new concept so you would have them sign the same agreement. You can even go one step further with your employees and put in that they can’t discuss any business information even if they no longer work for the company.

Our One Way Non Disclosure Agreement will be easy for you to follow and we even include a guide book to help walk you through the process. The basic text of the agreement states that information being discussed is for a specific project and that they are bound to silence in disclosing any information. This agreement would also be given to the maker of any prototypes that need to be made.

We have made the One Way Non Disclosure Agreement very easy to purchase and download. There are two formats to choose from so one will surely work for you. You will be able to use this agreement template for as many people, companies, manufacturers or investors you deem necessary.