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Non Disclosure Letter

Do you have information about your business that you don’t want anyone to be aware of? If you do then you will need a Non Disclosure Letter. This template offers you protection in a short concise way, making it easy to use. We have a solicitor drafted letter that is low in cost yet very effective in protecting your ideas or information. While the template is constructed by a solicitor you will find it easy to read and understand. It is easy to implement and is contained on a single page. You find that this Non Disclosure Letter is a great value as it can be used as many times as you need it. If any updates occur you can be sure that we will send them to you free of charge.

If you are familiar with our One Way Non Disclosure Agreement you will notice that this Non Disclosure Letter is an abbreviated version. Because this letter is short and to the point a business that may balk at signing the lengthier One Way Non Disclosure Agreement will generally take the time to read and sign the shortened version.

You can use this Non Disclosure Letter when you need to get consultants, partners, employees, suppliers, affiliates or other parties that could be privy to your company’s private, sensitive information.

Letters have always been used in business so they are widely accepted. The Non Disclosure Letter will serve the purpose to protect your private information in a legally binding way. You can choose from two formats to download this template to your computer. We have provided a guide book to ensure that you have no problems in using this document. We strive to provide an easy to use the form in easy to understand language.

If your business is working on a new idea or product it is a good idea to have anyone involved in the project to sign the Non Disclosure Letter. This way it will be protected from any passing of the sensitive material to another party. You will inevitably need to discuss your new product or idea with people so that it can be brought to fruition. Take away the worry that it will be stolen with the easy to use Non Disclosure Letter today.

It may be necessary to have a prototype made of your new product. You wouldn’t want the design or design idea to be leaked, so get the Non Disclosure Letter to keep in your computer so that you are instantly protected. You don’t want to hold up production because you don’t have the proper legal documents on hand.

We always try to make sure that everything is included in our templates. They may be some particular things that need to be added at times, so you can purchase our templates with the knowledge that they are customisable. You can add items as they pertain to your needs. If any infringement should arise from your new product you will be protected if you have the Non Disclosure Letter saved on your computer or a hard copy in your files.