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Non Disclosure Agreements

Non Disclosure Letter | One Way Non Disclosure Agreement | Reciprocal Non Disclosure Agreement

If you have a business or are going to be starting a business you may need to use a non disclosure agreement. These documents are typically used in a commercial environment when sensitive or confidential information is going to be disclosed. This information could be used for a business transaction. Any of the non disclosure agreements on this web site can easily be customised in just a few minutes. Not only can this non disclosure agreement be used for business transactions; it can also be used where your employees are concerned. If an employee is privy to sensitive information you can have them sign a non disclosure agreement so that they may not share any information they have.

This non disclosure agreement can also be used for more than one party. If your business shares knowledge with another company but you don’t wish it to go beyond the two companies an agreement can be signed. This will make it illegal to share the information with a third, fourth or more parties. Once it has been signed by all the parties it can be enforced if necessary.

Our non disclosure agreement for two parties has been drafted by a solicitor into an easy to use template. Your business can easily customise it for your needs and it can also be used again and again. This document can be readily saved, amended and stored in a virtual control panel. The template that you used for amended, saving and storing can also be put in the same place. If any updates are necessary you will receive them as part of the initial fee.

If there is only one party that you are going to disclose information to there will be a non disclosure agreement for that as well. The template will be clear and free of language that you can’t understand. This agreement will also be easy to customise for your business needs. A solicitor has been retained by our company to ensure that the document is current with the UK laws and will be legally binding once it is signed. Free updates are part of the package and the template can be used over and over.

Sometimes this type of agreement can intimidate people so if this happens to you we have drafted a shorter concise document that may work better for this situation. It will still protect your information and ideas and is still very cost effective. The template will be a one page letter that has also been drafted by a solicitor. It will possess the same easy to read and understand language. As always the template can be used more than once and updates are available at no cost.

Don’t take any chances where your business is concerned. For a cost saving method of protecting your non disclosure rights look at the documents that our web site has to offer. You will be glad that you took the time to protect one of the largest investments you will ever make.