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Mirror Wills

Is it time to revise your Will and that of your spouse or significant other? Perhaps you have not drafted a Will before and want to ensure that you have a Will in place to make sure your wishes are performed in the event of you and your partner’s death. When you look through the pages of our website you will find very affordable prices for Joint Wills. This template will provide you with a fixed price for both Wills. You can also enjoy unlimited rewrites if they are needed. You can rest assured that the template that is provided for the Mirror Will has been drafted by a qualified practicing solicitor. The writing of the template will be easy to read and understand as it has been drafting in plain English.

The process can take no longer than ten minutes from drafting online to the printing for your signatures when you have pre-prepared all your information. You will not find anything this easy and affordable with a High Street solicitor. Take advantage of our easy to use template and receive peace of mind instantly.

What is a Mirror Will?

You may have heard the term, but be unfamiliar with what it means. A Mirror Will is a set of joint Wills where you leave all your earthly possessions to your spouse and they leave their possessions to you in the event one of you outlives the other. This type of Will also works for partners that are not married or have had a civil ceremony and want to leave everything to each other. You can also include your children in this type of Will if you and your partner have agreed to enter this provision into the Mirror Wills.

Our standard Will template has been customised to create the Mirror Will template. This template can be used more than once so if at any time you and your spouse wish to change your Will you can do so. There will be no extra costs for using the template again and it can be stored in our online document storage for no additional charge. This means you can edit your Will many times over without having to re-purchase the Will template again.

A Mirror Will gives everything to the spouse and then on to the children or named beneficiary if there are no children. It is the easiest form of a Will that a married couple or lifetime partners can draft. This simple template makes writing your Will fast and easy.

When you decide to use this type of Will it is necessary to update it should things change in your life or that of your spouse. If you should get a divorce, your spouse passes away or any other issues come about you will need to change your Mirror Will. Many people use a Single Will because they feel it is easier to implement. Whichever type of Will you decide to use, whether it is a Single Will or a Mirror Will, you will find that they are easy to download from this website and are very affordable.