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Lodger Agreement

If you are thinking of renting a room in your home or flat to a student or other tenant you will want to purchase the Lodger Agreement. This document which comes in template form can be downloaded to your computer and used as many times as you need it. By using the Lodger Agreement you are signing a document that assures you that someone will guarantee the lodger’s obligations. This is useful if the lodger is not on a guaranteed income or is a student, for example.

Our Lodger Agreement has been drafted by a qualified solicitor so that it will be comprehensive and legally enforceable once signed. You can use this document in England and Wales. The Lodger Agreement can be used for unfurnished or furnished rooms in a flat, apartment, maisonette or home. The template is easy to read and understand. When you purchase the template you will be able to reuse it many times as well as store and manage the agreement online in your own control panel once you have logged in.

The Lodger Agreement sets out the responsibilities and obligations of the tenant and landlord to one another. If you have a signed lodger agreement, the landlord may enter the room if they are doing maintenance, changing linens or cleaning the room. All of these provisions would be clearly stated in the Lodger Agreement.

Lodger Agreement Template

We offer two types of lodger tenancy agreements at this website. The Lodger Agreement without Guarantor is the first one. This type of document states that no one other than the tenant is responsible for paying the rent. You would enter into this type of agreement if you felt confident that the tenant was on a secure income and capable of paying the rent. If you are comfortable with the references and they have a good payment history this type of agreement may be what you want to purchase.

If the tenant is renting for the first time, such as a student, they may not have a rental payment history. You may feel more comfortable having them sign a Lodger Agreement with Guarantor. This type of document protects the landlord because the Guarantor is directly responsible to the landlord for any obligations not met by the tenant. For example, if the tenant defaults on rent, the Guarantor shall be liable to pay that rent on the tenant’s behalf.

You can download the Lodger Agreement template in just a matter of minutes to your computer. This template legal document can be easily customised to suit your requirements if you wish to state something specific within the agreement. This agreement is construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales. If you are living in Scotland please amend the jurisdiction clause to ensure the correct countries law applies.