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Job Offer Letter

If your business needs to hire employees you will want to have the Job Offer Letter in your computer. When you purchase the Job Offer Letter from us you can be assured that it will be professional yet easy to use. We have sought out Human Resources specialists to draft the letter so that it will include everything you need when you find the right employee. The letter will show the potential employee that you are a professional company that they would enjoy working for. Our Job Letter will have the basic terms of employment in it so that you won’t have to hurry with a full contract. The laws of the United Kingdom are such that you have two months to give the employee an Employment Contract. We are so sure that you will find the Job Letter to your liking that we offer a one hundred percent satisfaction guarantee.

The Job Letter that we provide at this web site will work very well for making an offer of employment to full or part time help as well as permanent or seasonal employees. The Job Letter is not the same document as the Employment Contract although it can have the conditions for employment in it. It summarises the key employment terms and that is why it can be used in the interim period of employment

A letter such as this confirms the offer of employment and the terms that the prospective employee would need to adhere to. Because the UK gives you that two month buffer before you must give the employee the Employment Contract you can use this letter as a precursor. This time period could be considered as a probationary period at the end of which you would provide the employee with the Employment Contract. We have the Employment Contract in the employment section of our web site.

Although we have secured the help of a human resources expert in compiling this letter we have also had it drafted by a solicitor. Therefore you can buy with confidence that the legalities for hiring an employee and the tone of the letter will be both professional and friendly. The template is easy to use and understand by both parties. The template will look like a business letter so it is not overwhelming for the potential employee.

The body of the Job Letter will have several key points in it. The name of the person being offered the job is one, the title of the job if there is one, the base salary, what the bonus would be if they are offered and the terms of any bonuses. We have also made sure that there is space for adding any other items that were discussed prior to the Job Offer Letter. If your firm has a drug testing policy, performs a background check or medical checkups this should be in the Job Offer Letter as well.

We strive to provide you with top quality documents at an affordable price. They are always easy to use and understand for all parties involved.