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General Power of Attorney

General Power of Attorney is a legal document you are able to use to assign Power of Attorney over to a specific individual. Power of Attorney means you have authorised one person to act in legal, business or personal matters relating to finances or medical decisions on your behalf. A General Power of Attorney typically refers to the financial affairs you may have. The person assuming command of your finances has the ability to pay your bills when they are due by accessing the money in your accounts and is referred to as the Attorney. There are Power of Attorney forms that can be used for medical decisions. For example, if you are found incompetent to tend to your medical and financial business the Attorney may step in to make medical decisions and pay your expenses.

The General Power of Attorney can be revoked at anytime. You simply need the Revocation of Power of Attorney to be signed and given to the person in charge of your finances. It will also need to be filed with the courts as the General Power of Attorney was. The person you grant the Power of Attorney to can be a solicitor, close friend or family member. You will decide on who the person is because you need to be able to trust them fully.

Since General Power of Attorney is commonly used when a person is away from home for an extended period of time, for example three months or more, you have the ability to Revoke the Power of Attorney when you arrive back home. It is usually easier to allow a person closer to your home to pay the bills when you are out of the country. They can immediately handle problems, leaving you feeling more protected.

Understanding what the General Power of Attorney is, how it can protect you, and how to use it is imperative. We offer the General Power of Attorney document template here. This template will cover you as we have stated above in our description of the document. The template was created by a qualified solicitor to ensure its reliability. It is in a clear and concise language for both parties to understand.

The template General Power of Attorney states what you are allowing the Attorney to do while in your absence. You can modify the General Power of Attorney template to be more specific regarding your needs if you feel extra protection is required. You can download the document to your computer and save it. It can then be used any time you need to be away from home for a while.

Along with the General Power of Attorney template you may want to download the Revocation of Power of Attorney. By downloading both you are able to revoke the Power of Attorney when needed after each of your absences so that no delay or miscommunication can occur.