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Employment Contracts

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Welcome to the employment contract section of our website. Running a small to medium sized business usually means that you find yourself taking on a range of jobs which in turn means that your time is at a premium. On top of this budgets are such that legal fees are typically considered expensive. The result is that many small businesses do not put in place the appropriate contracts with their staff. All employees and self employed contractors should have a contract that sets out the terms of the relationship. Not putting in place documents such as a contract of employment or staff policies and things like the redundancy handbook expose a business to unnecessary risk. When things go wrong then it can be really expensive to put right. We understand this and therefore our employment contract packages are priced in order to make them affordable to all.

If you are able to run your own business then you are sure to be able to use our template documents and contracts. All our employment contracts and documents are available in Word and PDF format for your convenience and you can fill them out online and simply print them off for signing. We have step-by-step how-to guides for each document so you know what you need to do to be legally protected. We also provide law summaries and updates so that you can be sure of keeping up to date with the law in what is an often changing sector.

Our DIY employment documents and forms are prepared by employment Solicitors and HR professionals, so you can have confidence in them meeting your needs. Our up-to-date employment documents and forms are available for download so that you can operate your company with peace of mind over areas such as discrimination, or compensation in a Tribunal. Our employment document package provides all the HR and employment contracts that you are likely to need running your business. From that very first offer letter to disciplinary procedures.

Good communication skills are essential in any company, but when it comes to the employment sector, events such as redundancy, dismissal, hiring, holiday, and sick leave can be an employers’ nightmare, especially as the law is often updated on issues such as maternity pay and paternity leave, leaving you lost.

We know it’s hard enough getting a business off the ground, without having to pay for expensive high-street solicitors. Our full document pack costs just £49 for an annual subscription. Alternativley you can subscribe to all the documents across our entire site for just £99 per year.

Our DIY employment documents and forms can assist you in complying with the law, and can provide you with legal protection, should anything go wrong.

Our DIY documents are written by legal professionals, and if you find yourself confused or simply with a query, do not hesitate to contact us directly. We cannot provide you with legal advice but we can put you in touch with a solicitor who can. In the majority of instances our template contracts and guides to completing the documents will be enough but in complicated matters or where you just don’t feel confident in editing the document you should consult a solicitor to review the final document before you rely on it.

Contracts of Employment

A contract of employment is a key legal document. It is a legal requirement that all employees are provided with a written statement of terms by their employer. Ideally this should be a full contract of employment which sets out the contractual aspects of the job. The contract will state the start date for the employment and key details such as the length of any probationary period, salary levels, contract or performance review dates. Other key matters such as notice or termination provisions are also included in the contract of employment. Our contract of employment template is available in standard, senior and executive versions to make completing the contract yourself that much easier.

We also provide a full range of additional employment contracts and documents. One of our most popular templates is our employment offer letter. Another popular document is our compromise agreement template.