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Email Disclaimer

Emails have become sources for liability suites lately so to protect yourself from emails that your employees might send you need to use an Email Disclaimer. Our Email Disclaimer template is fully customisable so that you can adapt it to your specific requirements. This template will give you confidentiality for the material that is in any of the emails. You also won’t be liable for any virus transmissions or comments that your employees might make.

The Email disclaimer would appear by the footer on your business emails. It is just a small paragraph that will give you protection from breach of confidentiality, comments from employees and any viruses that might be transferred. This email disclaimer is a short text detailing important legal information for the reader of an email from your company.

Since emails are being considered legal documentation in many instances it is important to protect yourself and your business from any liabilities. Emails are now thought of as written documents that are legally binding, depending on what is written in them. Commercial transactions are now being handled through emails so you need to take precautions against liabilities.

You can make sure that the Email Disclaimer is extended to both internal and external emails from your company. One thing to have included is the instance of an employee making a mistake in the pricing or other business detail. If you have this in a disclaimer you won’t be held to the error. This removes the possibility that an innocent email could interfere with the function of the business.

If a dispute would ever occur regarding information in an email the disclaimer could help prove what the intentions were. It would help your chances of winning any disputes that should be in your favour.

Because we have all of our Ecommerce documents drafted by solicitors they are easy to understand and implement. They are fully customisable so that they can be tailored to your company’s needs.

Internet businesses rely on email addresses to confirm a purchase request, confirm a registration to your web site, and receive coupons, discount offers and newsletters. Customers may be concerned about giving you an email address because they don’t want to be spammed. With an Email Disclaimer they will be aware of the fact that you may be sending them emails from time to time.

By using the Email Disclaimer template you can protect yourself. The document will outline what emails you can expect from your business. The disclaimer will provide information on the customer’s ability to opt in or out of receiving emails. It will also tell the client how to unsubscribe.

There will be a section of the Email Disclaimer that explains to the user on your web site how the emails will be used, who will be privy to them and that they will not be sold to third parties. We have included the email laws that exist in the UK and these will not be able to be changed. When you use our Email Disclaimer template your business will be protected for a great price and ease of use.