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Free Website Privacy Policy

A website privacy policy tells your visitors and customers how you deal with their information. If you run an eCommerce website where goods or services are sold then it is a legal requirement under the eCommerce Regulations that you have a privacy policy on your site. Our Privacy Policy is free to download and use on your site, blog or forum.

Even if you do not sell goods or services via your website, blog or forum it is still advisable to include a privacy policy on your site. This is because the presence of the policy demonstrates to your visitors that you have given consideration to their privacy. This in turn will enhance your reputation as a trusted site that thinks about the visitors that go to the site.

A privacy policy is a simple document that is rarely longer than one page of writing. The document contains core details relating to information that may be collected from visitors. There is no prescribed format or layout for a privacy policy but it must cover the different requirements of the eCommerce Regulations.

Our Free Privacy Policy Template

Our website privacy policy template is provided free of charge to our visitors so there really is no excuse not to include a website privacy policy on your site. Al that we ask is that you keep the link to this site in the document header so that your visitors know where the document originated from. It also helps us spread the word and encourages other people to include a free privacy policy on their site.