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Distribution Agreement

Our fully customisable distribution agreement template can be used by a product manufacturer to appoint either exclusive and non exclusive distributors.

If your business is expanding you may need a distributor for your products. If this happens you will want to purchase our Distribution Agreement so that you can appoint a Distributor in the UK or internationally. Our solicitor drafted template is very easy to understand and use. Although we have drafted this agreement with a solicitor you can still customise it for your own business needs. Once you have bought the Distribution Agreement you can reuse it as often as you like. If an update is needed you will receive any updates from us free of charge. For one low price of £24.95 you could have the commercial document that you need to get a distributor.

The Distribution Agreement would be used by your company as a supplier of a product or service. You would have a new distributor sign this document so that they could sell your product or service. These sales would take place in a designated county, country or other geographical area that has been stated in the Distribution Agreement. This template shows the regulations of the relationship between the parties. The agreement would set the boundaries of how the parties will work together.

You could have in the Distribution Agreement that the distributor will purchase the products prior to selling them. If this isn’t agreeable to both parties you could customise it to state that the distributor will pay for the merchandise only after it is sold. Either way the template will be legally binding once it is signed by both parties. Remember this is just one of the reasons that this document is so easy for you to use. Commercial businesses need many documents to protect them and succeed in business. For this reason we offer the Distribution Agreement, Loan Agreement, Marketing Agency Agreement and the Agency Agreement. You can purchase a subscription for less than £100 for all of the documents in the commercial section of this web site. Have everything you need to protect your business for one low price.

One good reason to have a distributor in a foreign country is that they will know the customers better than you will. They will also be knowledgeable about local customs and legal issues. A distributor would be responsible for marketing the product, assuming any currency risks and for extending credit to the purchaser. This limits your chance of losing money on this type of venture.

The distributor could want some concessions for taking this risk though. They could be defined by asking for discounts to purchase the product or better terms. You won’t be involved in the marketing of your product or in the pricing so it could hurt you if it isn’t done well. Also, the distributor could want a long term agreement. These terms can all be set forth in the Distribution Agreement as they are needed.

If any changes to the template need to be made because of overseas laws you may want to seek the advice of a professional. However, if you use the template as it has been drafted you have the laws of England and Wales to protect you