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Design and Development Terms of Supply

If you are a web site developer or web site designer you should use the two-page form for the Terms and Development Terms of Supply. This form works very well for small or medium-sized projects. We provide this template in clear concise English although it has been drafted by a solicitor schooled in Ecommerce business dealings. When you get a small to medium project this template can be fully customised for each project. You will be able to use this document more than once so it becomes very cost-effective for your business. The price to have this document on hand is just £24.95. However, you can purchase a subscription for the low price of £49.95 and have access to all the eCommerce templates we offer.

What type of information will be on the Design and Development Terms of Supply template? The first thing it will do is inform the client where you operate, the number of years you have been in business and other facts that you may want to share. Consider this an “about us” type of information section.

The Terms of Supply will also discuss what your product or service availability is, the status of the company, the status of your client, the method you use in the contract between the client and yourself and any consumer rights. It should also state the risk and title plus the price of your services and how the payments will be handled.

If you want to add more information you can include refund policies, liability, if there are to be written communications, import duty, waivers, and notices, transfers of any rights and obligations as well as more agreement information.

This Design and Development Terms of Supply template gives the client the understanding of the laws you have to follow in the UK. However, it goes beyond that because you are also telling them the specific rules you have in regards to your products or services.

We have made our Design and Development Terms of Supply only two pages long for ease of use. It works very well for those companies that intend to design for internet businesses small to medium-sized projects. You will find that even though we have ensured that it follows the laws of the UK it is still easy to read and understand.

In customising this template you can’t change any of the laws of the UK of course, but you can make adjustments to the price and payment plans you offer for the development of different projects for a web site.

Our documents are perfectly legal and professional so you won’t need to be concerned that just because you are saving money your business will appear cheap. Going to a High Street solicitor involves spending time and money for the same document we are providing. Take advantage of the great prices, professional template and ease of use when you need the Design and Development Terms of Supply agreement. Once you have downloaded the document you will be ready to use it and it can be stored to use again and again.