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Deed of Variation

When you are leasing a building or office space for your business you may have to have a variation at some point. You may have signed the lease for a specific period of time and you need to extend the period. The Deed of Variation is a legal document that allows you to make these changes without signing a whole new lease. We offer the Deed of Variation on our web site. You can buy with confidence from us because we have hired the UK solicitor so that you don’t have to. Our solicitor drafted templates are easy to understand and use. They are very comprehensive as well as being reasonably priced.

Some of the reasons that you may find the need for a Deed of Variation could be to extend the amount of space or land that you are occupying in the lease that you have. With our Deed of Variation you can change the length of the leasing terms. It may be that the rent has been increased so it must be noted in a Deed of Variation. If there are covenants or other general provisions in the lease they might need to be changed. All of these reasons would preclude the need for a Deed of Variation.

If you purchase the Deed of Variation from our web site you will be choosing the easiest way to make these changes. Since we have a solicitor prepare all of our templates you can be assured that they will be legally binding and follow the laws of the UK. You can download the template to your computer using one of the two formats we provide. This makes it simple for anyone to have this document on hand. You will be able to use this template more than once so it is not only easy to use it is very cost effective.

An example of a situation where you may want to use a Deed of Variation is if you have leased a business space and another space opens up next door. Your business may have grown to the point that you need more room. If you and the landlord discuss the possibility of you also leasing this space and agree on terms you might need a Deed of Variation. This would be true if you have time left on your original lease as it is easier to just implement a Deed of Variation until your original lease expires, thus extending your property.

You can use this easily prepared document if you want to extend your lease or the landlord raises your rent prior to the expiration of your original lease. If the landlord is just reviewing the rent you wouldn’t need the Deed of Variation as no changes are really being made. You may wish to consult with a solicitor to make sure that the legal process is being upheld.

When you download the Deed of Variation document template onto your computer you can fill out the template, print it and get it signed by the proper parties. After you have it signed the notary can witness it for you and help with the registration. Our Deed of Variation template can be modified somewhat to accommodate your particular situation. However, if you make any modifications you should seek the advice of counsel to make sure everything is still correct. Although we have had a solicitor draft this template document and it is legal in the UK courts any changes that you make should be checked for legality. You should only use this easy to prepare document for changes that need to be made in the original lease.