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Deed of Surrender

There may be several instances where you would need to use a Deed of Surrender when you are in business or even on a personal matter. You will see that the Deed of Surrender is a legal document that will give clear title to property so that it can be sold. If there are outstanding claims on property several years may go by because it is tied up in the UK courts so it won’t be able to be sold. Once a decision is reached only then can the property be sold. When you use the Deed of Surrender as your legal instrument the property can be surrendered or transferred for a specific period of time.

The Deed of Surrender that you will find on our web site is available for purchase and will be very easy to use. We have hired a solicitor to draft the Deed of Surrender so that it will adhere to all of the laws of the United Kingdom. No need to spend extra money on high street solicitors when our template is just as comprehensive. You will find that the template can be downloaded to your computer so that it is available right away. Then it will only take you a short while to implement the drafting so that the sale of the property may occur.

If you are using the Deed of Surrender in a business situation you may have partners. This means that each of the partners will own a piece of the property that you wish to sell. If all the partners agree to sell, you will need the Deed of Surrender to accomplish the sale. You can draft the document and have it state that the partners are turning over their shares of the property to just one individual. Then the property can be sold as the single person now has a clear title to the property. You will be able to have the document written so that it states that payment for the property will be made to the other partners upon the completion of the sale.

Another instance where you may need our easy to use Deed of Surrender could be if you must transfer a property for a short period of time. You will be able to use our template to express this desire. However, you may wish to speak with a solicitor to make sure that the use of the Deed of Surrender is the right option so that everything is legal.

When you use the Deed of Surrender from our website you can address the sale of the property in an easy and quick manner. You will have protection in your business dealings since you will have a clear title to the property that is being sold. Our Deed of Surrender is quite affordable and it couldn’t be easier to use. For a small fee you can have the template downloaded to your computer and drafted immediately.

Once you have drafted the document you can have all the parties involved sign the document. You will need to have the document notarised so that you can get the document submitted to the proper municipal agency. The Deed of Surrender document will be on file if it needs to be referenced for any reason. This makes it easier if and when the property is sold again.

The Deed of Surrender template can be modified a little if your needs require it. We offer a link to legal counsel if you want to make sure the changes you made are still appropriate. Order your Deed of Surrender from our website so that you can sell that piece of property the easy way.