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Deed of Grant Easement

A Deed of Grant Easement will enable a dominant tenant to use a piece of land that is owned by the servient tenant. There are many reasons that a Deed of Grant Easement can be used, and when you purchase your template from our web site you will find out the circumstances for using this document. We have had a solicitor draft the template so that you can save money and be assured that you have a comprehensive document. The Deed of Grant Easement is very easy to use and you will have no trouble downloading the template to your computer. If you need to reuse this template at any time you will have it available for no extra charge which makes it even easier to use.

You would use the Deed of Grant Easement when the tenant on an adjoining piece of property needs to cross your property. This could occur if they need to put a small portion of their driveway on your land because of the way the boundary lines were formed. With our Deed of Grant Easement template you can fill out the agreement very quickly and easily. The solicitor has made sure that the document is easy to read and understand so that you can fill it out yourself. You can trust that the document will be just what you need for the situation.

Another reason you may have to use a Deed of Grant Easement is if the tenant on the land next to yours must place underground services. There may need to be a ditch dug on your property for water, drains, electricity, gas lines, television cables or phone lines. The ditch would be covered up after the installation so the Deed of Grant Easement would just allow the servient tenant to have these things placed. The template wouldn’t allow any disturbance of the dominant tenant’s enjoyment of their land or the right that they have to develop it. When you purchase the template from us you will find that filling it out will only take a short time. We have designed the template to be very inclusive yet easy to use. You can buy your Deed of Grant Easement with confidence from our web site.

The Deed of Grant Easement will state the terms of the easement so that no unnecessary use of the land would be permitted. You could also use a clause in a conveyance deed or a transfer deed, but it is better to use the template that has been designed specifically for this purpose. Generally when a Deed of Grant Easement is put into practice it is forever. This means that if the original servient tenant were to sell the land the Deed of Grant Easement would transfer to the new owners. This would certainly be true if a small portion of driveway or utility services were on the dominant property.

When you use our website’s Deed of Grant Easement you will see how easy it is to complete the task at hand. If you are going to allow the servient tenant to use any portion of your land in an easement situation you should get the template and fill it out. This way your rights as the land owner are protected. Our template makes this task very easy and it won’t take you long to accomplish your task. We offer a one hundred percent guarantee that you will be happy with the template. Ordering the template is as easy as using it. We have several options for payment and then you can download the template to your computer using one of the two formats.