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Copyright Assignment

You may be familiar with what copyright is, but not understand what a copyright assignment is. If you have come up with an idea, invention, written a book or need other intellectual property protected you would have it copyrighted. This means that no one can use your business or intellectual property without your express consent. However, there could be times when you might have to give your permission to another where copyright is concerned. It might be in the form of permission regarding parts of the copyright or all of it might need your permission. There may actually come a time when you need to transfer some or all of the rights of a copyright to a new owner. If this happens you would need the Copyright Assignment that we sell.

When you use the Copyright Assignment template from us you will have the document you need to accomplish this task. You can use this template when you need to transfer all or part of the copyright. An instance where you might need to do this is if you are selling the business that uses the copyright. If you are selling an existing business the new owner may not be able to keep the business going without the copyright. So if you didn’t use the Copyright Assignment to transfer the copyright the sale could fall through.

If you are selling then you will have to turn over paperwork, patents, and other documents to the new owner. When you use the Copyright Assignment you will have on hand the template to transfer the copyright for a fraction of what a High Street solicitor would charge. You can use the template to convey the amount of copyright information you choose.

You can determine the amount of time the Copyright Assignment lasts. You don’t have to give your copyright away permanently. You could transfer the copyright just for the time the copyright would subsist or you could end it sooner. The new owner could allow the copyright to stay in the name of the person who created it in the first place. This may be for a specific period of time or on a permanent basis as well. When this Copyright Assignment ends then it would become the new business owner’s work.

Whenever you have a copyright and you want to transfer any or all of it you will need to have it in writing. This is why we have provided the Copyright Assignment Agreement as part of our business templates. If you haven’t written it then the transfer won’t be effective.

The Copyright Assignment agreement template that we have on our web site will provide you with the protection you need. We have had this document drafted by solicitors so that they will be legal in the UK. They are written in Standard English so that they are easily understood. Should you need to customise this document you will be able to do so. We offer many other documents for one low price subscription so that all of your business needs can be taken care of in one place.