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Copied Content Complaint Letter

Have you ever been surfing the web and come upon your content on someone else’s web site? If you have then you are going to want to use the Copied Content Complaint Letter. This letter is the ideal way to take care of the problem of someone using your material without permission. Besides being bad for your web site business you also run the risk of being hit for duplicate content by a search engine. You could be the one being penalised when it is the other web site that should be. Some web site owners will want to send this Copied Content Complaint Letter so that the content will be removed from the other web site.

When you have this Copied Content Complaint Letter on hand it will save you from having to spend money and time with a solicitor. Our template is easy to use, it can be customised if you need to, and is written in concise English that is written in a letter form. So although it has been drafted by a solicitor you won’t have any trouble understanding it. The price of this letter is perfectly priced at just £2.95. However, if you would like to get our other Ecommerce documents they are available for one low subscription price of £49.95. This enables you to have the Privacy Policy Template, Design and Development Terms of Supply, Email Disclaimer, Internet Marketing Terms of Supply, Website Terms and Conditions and Website Disclaimer.

You will want to protect your web site from having its content copied. Search engines are checking more and more on this infringement and removing duplicate copy. If you are the original owner of the content you certainly don’t want this happening to you. So the logical step to protect yourself from this happening is to send out a Copied Content Complaint Letter to the party that infringed on your content. That way they can remove it from their web site before any damage occurs to your web site.

Since outsourcing content for web site pages is quite common the web site owner may not realise that the content has been copied. Once they receive your Copied Content Complaint Letter they are generally very happy to remove it from their web site. They know that the search engines are watching and they don’t want to jeopardise their ratings.

Because the information on the internet is so accessible, it will be up to you to watch for copied content. While copyrights, trademarks and intellectual property laws are protected in the UK copied content is not included. The Copied Content Complaint Letter will advise the web site that is using it that they need to remove the content or start paying you for its use.

When you send this letter you have legal proof that you notified the web site that it was using copied content. If they refuse to remove it or pay you for it you then have something to take to the authorities. When you purchase your Copied Content Complaint Letter from us you will have an easy to use and affordable way to protect yourself and your web site.