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Consultancy Agreement

At some point in time your business may need to appoint a consultant. If this happens you must be ready with a Consultancy Agreement. Taking the time to visit a high street solicitor or paying the fees may not be something you are prepared to do. We offer a reasonable solution to this dilemma because we save you both the time and money involved in preparing a Consultancy Agreement. Our template document has been drafted by a UK solicitor yet it is easy to customise and use. If you are not one hundred per cent satisfied with the document we will refund your money. The price is just £24.95 and if an update is called for you will receive them for free.

You can use our Consultancy Agreement if your business needs to hire a consultant that is a business or individual. If you have to have a consultant you will need to have a written agreement that protects your business and the consultant. When you put the right legal information for a consultant down in writing they will be based on your particular needs. This agreement template puts forth the terms that your business and the consultant must adhere to. This is also where the services of the consultant will be placed. By putting them into the Consultancy Agreement you will know what to expect from the consultant.

Because the Consultancy Agreement has basic legal rules in it you can find peace of mind knowing that our document has been drawn up by a solicitor familiar with the laws in the UK. For the document to become legal both parties must sign it so that they are both protected. Be sure that you actually sign the Consultancy Agreement before the consultant work actually begins.

We have tried to make the template basic so that it suits everyone’s needs. However, we have left a place where you can add specific needs or addendums. If you do add quite a bit of information to the template you may want to seek the advice of a professional.

Generally you would use this Consultancy Agreement when you have a certain project or a project that needs to be finished in a particular time frame. You would usually find a consultant that has their own business so they don’t need to work at your firm. You could however, include an office for the consultant if they don’t have their own to work from. Make sure that if you need to provide an office that it is put into the Consultancy Agreement.

If you will need to discuss parts of the project you may want to think about a Confidentiality Agreement as well so that they can’t discuss the project with anyone else. You will generally have to interview an individual or company for the position of consultant and you don’t want your project compromised.

Besides the Consultancy Agreement we also have for sale other Employment documents, confidentiality agreements and other business related templates. As always we have them drafted by a UK solicitor so you can buy with confidence. All of the templates are easy to use.