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Compromise Agreement

Sometimes in business there is a time that a compromise must be made. You can use our Compromise Agreement to settle any claims with your employees. We have hired solicitors to draft this template so that you can buy with confidence. This solicitor drafted template is very easy to use and can be customised if necessary.

Not everyone’s situation is the same so we have made sure that all of our documents can be customised to fit your specific requirements. Once you purchase the Compromise Agreement you will be able to reuse it as often as you need to. Should updates become available you will receive them free of charge. As always we strive to provide you with clear, concise, easy to use templates; however, if you aren’t satisfied with the template you can receive your money back.

Because the Compromise Agreement template has been drafted by a UK solicitor there is no need to hire an expensive High Street solicitor to draw up a Compromise Agreement. We also offer a wide range of other employment documents for a reasonable price. The Compromise Agreement is just £19.95; however, if you need to have the other templates we offer a subscription price of just £49.95.

You will want to use the Compromise Agreement when you have an employee that is leaving your employ. This agreement will state that you both have settled any claims that the employee may have against the business and that the business might have against the employee.

Before the Compromise Agreement can be legally binding the employee needs to seek the counsel of a solicitor. The solicitor must be independent of the company and the solicitor must sign a certificate that proves the advice for the Compromise Agreement was given.

The advice from the solicitor will explain to the employee that when the Compromise Agreement is signed they have waived any rights to pursue a claim they may have had against the business. They can no longer entertain the action of making a claim. The independent solicitor will also explain to the employee that the business is also giving up any claims it may have had against the employee. If there were any benefits that were granted in the consultancy agreement the solicitor will point those out to the employee as well.

Our Compromise Agreement is compliant with the Employment Rights Act of 1996 and the Employment Act of 2002. You can also be sure that the template complies with all of the current employment best practices. The agreement will include a confidentiality clause so that the departing employee can’t release any of your business information and contents of terms that were in the Compromise Agreement.

The template will be easy to use and download. We have provided the document in two formats so that you can choose the right one for you. Get the peace of mind you deserve in business for a value price.