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Commercial Lease Agreement

If you have a building that you own for business purposes you will need to fill it with tenants. In order to do this you will have to have a lease agreement. You can find the perfect lease agreement on this web site. We have had the template document drafted by a qualified solicitor in the UK who is a specialist in commercial property. This means that they will be completely comprehensive in their content, yet be very easy to use. As someone that likes to take control of the leasing situation we know you want to have a legally drafted document so that it is easy to understand and use.

The cost of our lease agreement is very inexpensive compared to visiting a high street solicitor for the same document. We also offer you the chance to purchase all of your property documents for one low yearly subscription price. Once you have bought the lease agreement you just have to follow the easy instructions to download it to your computer. We have supplied two formats so that one is going to be perfect for your computer. You can use our documents for letting office spaces, retail shops, warehouses or other commercial property. We also have lease agreements that would be suitable for personal use by a landlord of housing properties.

You will see that our lease agreement is fully customisable if you need to add something that is pertinent to a particular lease. If you like we make it even easier to draft, manage and store your lease document on our web site within your own personal control panel. We want to make buying your lease agreement as easy as we possibly can for you. You can let your commercial property to a business or an individual tenant with our lease agreement template.

This template document is ideal for the aforementioned situations. It will also allow you to customise the lease agreement with specific arrangements depending on the leasing situation that presents itself. If you have a warehouse, restaurant, retail shop or a manufacturing plant you can use this simple to understand yet totally comprehensive lease agreement from our web site.

Whether your business is a company, partnership or individual owner the lease agreement will work for you. You may feel that you want even more protection when entering into a lease agreement and with our lease agreement template document you will have it. There is an optional clause that can be used to enter the name of a Guarantor. This means that if the rental obligations are not being met by the original lease holder the Guarantor will step in and meet them. The most common reason to add a Guarantor is if there is a reason to think the rent might not be paid either on time or in full.

We have made our lease agreement template very comprehensive so that no details have been overlooked by our solicitors. That is just one more reason that someone that likes to do it themselves will appreciate our template documents. Not only are they easy to interpret and use they are all inclusive.

You will see when you look at our lease agreement that we have included the following clauses: parties to the agreement, background, any definitions that are needed, grant of lease, condition of property and the suitability of use, vacant possession, VAT responsibilities, completion, entire agreement, any notices you need to give and laws and jurisdiction. We have taken the responsibility of making sure that everything in this template document is precise and easy to understand. You will be able to download this document immediately after purchase so you can lease your buildings quickly.