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Commercial Documents for your Business

Agency Agreement | Distribution Agreement |  Loan Agreement |  Marketing Agency Agreement

When you are the owner of a business you want to make sure that you are doing everything according to the law. This protects your business in many ways. The documents that you will find on this website will help you run your business by providing the most up to date documents that have been thoroughly researched and drafted by solicitors. This will allow your company to save on the documents you need for doing business. The commercial documents that can be found will help in many aspects of running your company.

Commercial documents will vary depending on the type of business that you have and this website will provide you with the ones you need for your business. Many businesses use commercial invoices, shipping, transporting and certificate of origin documents. The documents we provide will be valid in the UK and may work in several business types.

You may have a need for a term and condition type of document. You will be able to find this. The importance of having an agreement between two parties works whether you are selling a product or making payments. This is just one of the documents you may need. These documents will meet the legal needs in the UK so you can purchase with confidence. Some of the things that are part of the document will include a price, payment method, delivery, limitation of liability and other pertinent information.

While the terms and conditions commercial documents are for very specific areas of business there are also some general documents. These can include confidentiality agreements that protect your business information from being shared without your permission. There will be agreements that can be signed with agencies that you might use for advertising or other aspects of your business.

More commercial documents can be found that can be used for consultancy, distribution or construction subcontracting. Whenever your business enters into a transaction with another party you will want to have a record of it. This ensures that if a problem does arise statements can be proven. While a verbal agreement is considered legal they can sometimes be hard to prove, so protect your business with the appropriate commercial documents.

Making sure that your business gets paid on time and in full can be easy when you use the invoice template. It can be downloaded as you need them and it gives you a great way to track what is due to your company. The format is simple to use and economical too.

What if your business would need to rent equipment? Would you have a document that could state the lease terms such as what you are renting and for how long? There will be commercial documents like this in the general document section. We may even have a document that you were not aware of and that you will find helpful in your particular business. Browse through the website to familiarise yourself with the plethora of commercial documents we have. You can buy with confidence knowing that they are current and have been drafted by professionals.