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Business Transfer Agreement

If you have decided it is time to sell your business you will want to use our Business Transfer Agreement to do so. This template is suitable to be used by an individual, company or partnership. A Business Transfer Agreement is quite similar to an Asset Sale Agreement wherein it can be used to sell a business and the assets of the business. Although the Business Transfer Agreement is similar to the asset sale it wouldn’t be used for a large business purchase. This one is best used for smaller businesses that have a lower value. It could also work if the buyer of the business is familiar with the business and its workings and a detailed warranty isn’t needed.

When you purchase the Business Transfer Agreement you will be able to customise it to meet your needs. There are additional clauses and schedules that come included in the agreement. Some of the additional parts of the template are as follows:

  • Definitions and Interpretation
  • Transfer of the Business
  • Debts and Liabilities
  • Title
  • Consideration
  • Completion
  • Appointment of the Company as Attorney
  • Costs
  • Service Agreements
  • Lease of Property
  • Employees

Besides working for you, if you have a business to transfer you can also use this template if you are the one doing the purchasing. The Business Transfer Agreement can be used in either situation. You can browse the web site to find the Business Transfer Agreement template and download it to your computer. Whenever you purchase an agreement from our web site you will be guided through the entire process. This makes using our templates so easy and affordable for you.

We strive to carry the highest quality Business Transfer Agreements in the UK. The document will adhere to the law in the UK, Scotland and Wales. Whether you are transferring a corporation, partnership or individual business our Business Transfer Agreement will work for you.

One thing you may be concerned with if you are buying a business is what will happen if the company has employees. You won’t have to worry because as you may have noted this template document has a provision for employees of the company you will be purchasing. You may wish to get the advice of an expert regarding the transfer of employees as the UK has very strict rules governing this. We have taken all measures possible to make sure the clause complies with the laws of the UK, but it could offer you even more peace of mind. If you would like even more information look into the Transfer of Undertakings Regulations. The Business Transfer Agreement works extremely well when a small business is being sold. The similarities between this agreement and the Asset Sale Agreement are very close.

Because we supply a multitude of sections in our Business Transfer Agreement you should be able to customise it for your own needs. When you buy a subscription at our web site you will have access to all of the Business documents for one low price.