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Assignment of Tenancy Agreement

If you find that you have to move and you are still responsible for the rent on your flat or home you will need an Assignment of Tenancy Agreement. This document enables you to transfer the tenancy agreement to another person. We offer a high-quality template that can save you time and money when used. The Assignment of Tenancy Agreement has been drafted by solicitors so that you can be assured of its legality. The cost to you will be much less than if you hired a High Street solicitor and it is easy to understand as well.

Since you are already renting the flat or home from a landlord you will have signed a tenancy agreement. This document states that you will be responsible for paying the rent on time and other specifications. It also states that the landlord will keep the rental in good repair. However, there are certain circumstances where either you or the landlord will need to submit an Assignment of Tenancy Agreement. This could come about if you have to move unexpectedly. This type of new agreement lets you sublet the property in essence.

Another reason that the Assignment of Tenancy Agreement might be needed is if the landlord decides to sell the building in which you live.

Should you need to make use of the Assignment of Tenancy Agreement you will need to talk with the landlord before signing this new document. The landlord will have to approve of the new tenant or there is no need to use the Assignment of Tenancy Agreement. If the change in tenant is only for a short period of time and then you will be coming back to live in the flat the landlord generally probably will not have a problem. However, if you are not going to be able to come back and honour your original contract the landlord may feel differently. He could be concerned that the new sublet tenant will not pay the rent, thereby denying the change to the tenancy.

The other scenario in using this agreement stems from the landlord selling the building. He would sign an Assignment of Tenancy Agreement with the new landlord. This enforces all of the tenancy agreements that the previous landlord signed. Unless a tenancy agreement was not being adhered to by the tenant the new landlord must honour it. Once the original tenancy agreement expires though, the new landlord can make their own tenancy agreements.

All of our documents have been drafted by a qualified solicitor. They are easy to read and download and you can choose the format that works best on your computer. As you are doing this yourself you will save money and time. Once you have the permission of the landlord you can purchase the Assignment of Tenancy Agreement, fill it in and print it in a matter of minutes. You will be able to customise this document as needed except for the legal aspects of it.