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Assignment of Intellectual Property

You may find that you aren’t sure what intellectual property is. Instead of discussing the Assignment of Intellectual Property let’s make sure that you know what it is. If you have created something from your mind that can be used commercially or in an artistic fashion then you have intellectual property. The Assignment of Intellectual Property document will protect your rights legally to this claim. The Intellectual Property laws state that if you have created art work, music, written works, discoveries, inventions, symbols, etc you have exclusive rights to them. These laws provide protection that your works that have been copyrighted are under your control and they can’t be reproduced or adapted in any way. Intellectual properties could also include trademarks, inventions and designs with industrial properties.

We have the Assignment of Intellectual Property template available so that you can always have it on hand in your computer. Our template has been drafted by a UK solicitor so that it is legally binding in England, Scotland and Wales. You can purchase our documents knowing that they are easy to use and a great value for your money.

This template is a legal document that can be used in business. You would be able to assign the rights to your intellectual property for a specified period of time. Music is a prime example of when you would use the Assignment of Intellectual Property agreement. If an individual or business wishes to use your composition you could sign the Assignment of Intellectual Property so that they could use the music for a few days. You can also place restrictions on how the music can be used in this document.

You may have an employee that was hired to create new ideas or products. When you have them sign an Assignment of Intellectual Property at the time of hiring you are protecting your rights to the idea or product. It will state that any ideas or products from them will become the intellectual property of your firm instead of the employee. It eliminates the possibility that the employee could use the idea or product to reproduce it or sell it to another company.

Although you will find the document is in legal terminology it will be easy for you and the other party to understand. The information that is in the template will be legal in the UK. Once the document is signed there can be no infringement of the property without legal consequences. You could put forth a lawsuit if necessary should your legal intellectual property rights be impugned.

We have made the template very easy for you to use and understand. Download the template to your computer and you can begin filling it out right away. Don’t let your intellectual property be used by another. Protect yourself today.