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Articles of Association

If you are thinking of starting a business you may decide you want to be a corporation. A corporation has strict rules that need to be followed, and one of the things that your corporation will need is the articles of association. You could also use this template if you are already incorporated and need to update any existing articles of association.

This document is something a corporation must have when it is started. The articles of association details how the company will operate. The articles of association are just one of the documents that will be needed if you incorporate. For other business start up needs browse our web site. We pride ourselves on offering high quality documents at an affordable price. The templates that you will find on our web pages are also very easy to use and understand, perfect for the do it yourself entrepreneur.

Every company that incorporates must file their articles of association with Companies House upon incorporation. If any changes are made to the articles of association they must be filed as well. For this reason alone purchasing your template from us makes sense. Since you can download this template to your computer you will have access to it so you can use it again and again.

Although you can incorporate yourself it is possible you will want to use an incorporation service. This is certainly up to your discretion. However, you can be sure that our incorporation templates will be easy to follow and fill out with our handy guide book.

Our articles of association should be used by a company that is limited by shares. The articles template can be customised so that you can adapt them to your particular needs and to revise your existing articles of association if necessary. If you should need to make any changes to your articles look for the written resolution template on our web site. This will make it very easy to amend any articles before you can pass a Special Resolution to amend them.

The articles of association template that we have on our web site are designed for use in England, Scotland or Wales. The company must either be registered or going to be registered in these countries. Our articles of association have been updated so that they meet the changes that were affected by the Companies Act of 2006.

There are several clauses in the articles of association that can be selected to customise your template. The following clauses are part of the customising that can be done with our articles of association:

  • Preliminary
  • Share Capital
  • Lien
  • Transfer of Shares
  • Proceedings at General Meetings
  • Votes of Members
  • Number of Directors
  • Alternate Directors
  • Power of Directors
  • Appointment and Retirement of Directors
  • Directors’ Appointments and Interests
  • Proceedings of Directors
  • Indemnity

All of our business start up templates can be found on this web site with easy to read and understand documents. Nothing could be easier than downloading our templates, filling them in and getting them registered where necessary. Purchase a subscription and have access to all of the business documents you need.