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About DIY Legals

Welcome to Your one stop for legal documents and legal forms, templates and agreements. We provide simple and professional Legal document templates and forms for you to complete in the comfort of your own home. Our document templates have all been drafted by solicitors specialising in the relevant area. You can therefore be sure that the document template you are getting is just as good as that prepared by a Solicitor but without the unnecessary expense. We provide know how-to guides to help you fill out your Legal Document or Form accurately and guide you through the processes you may face when filing your Legal Documents and Forms.

We specialise in providing DIY Legal Documents and Legal Forms! Simple and professional Legal Document templates and Forms for you to complete in the comfort of your own office or home. Our legal documents are just as good as going to a Solicitor and obtaining your document but without the unnecessary expense. Or the time involved in finding and visiting your solicitor. Our documents are drafted by solicitors or where appropriate other experts in their relevant field of expertise. We provide how-to guides to help you fill out your legal document or form accurately and guide you through the processes you may face when filing your legal documents and legal forms.

Our legal documents, forms and templates are drafted by qualified legal professionals to save you the expense of a high-street solicitor. However if you do wish to take legal advice from a solicitor we would recommend the solicitors who have reviewed and assisted in the drafting of our documents. Each section of this website is monitiored by a law firm specialising in that sections subject matter. So whether you are looking at employment contract templates or diy divorce kits on this website you do have access to solicitors who are familiar with the documents and can provide you advice or assistance on a fixed fee basis. We only work with law firms that provide their clients with fixed fee services.

All our DIY Legal Documents and Forms can be purchased online on a one off individual user basis. Alternatively you can choose to subscribe to a section of our site or to the entire website for a massively reduced fee. An annual subscription to all the document packages on this website will cost you less than the cost of a single paid visit to a solicitor. All documents and templates will be up to date as at the date of purchase but the law does change and in some sectors, such as employment, very regularly. For this reason choosing an annual subscription gives you the piece of mind of knowing that your document wil always be up to date.